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On July 1, 2006, Virginia Tech began operating under the provisions of the Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act. As President Steger noted in his June 2006 letter to the university community, “This effort stemmed from our belief that we can operate more effectively and efficiently with a greater degree of authority and autonomy than we had as a regular state agency.  Our mission, our focus, and our commitment to our stakeholders will not change.  What has changed is our ability to control our future and manage normal operations.  We expect that we can improve the overall educational experience of our students, make greater progress toward institutional goals, and improve the quality of your work experience.”   Under the Restructuring Act, the university was granted the authority to develop and implement new human resource systems for staff employees hired after June 30, 2006; and we will also continue to administer the state’s HR system for classified employees.