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University Restructuring Update - Detailed Version


To:       University Community

Fr:        Hal Irvin, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Re;       Human Resource Programs Changes Coming

At the August 25 meeting, the Board of Visitors approved resolutions that define policy changes for university staff. The new policies for university staff (staff employees hired on or after July 1, 2006) are effective October 1, 2008 and will be implemented in January, 2009.  

New Performance Rating Scale

Beginning with the October 08 – October 09 performance review cycle, a 4-point rating system will replace the current 3-point rating system (extraordinary contributor, contributor, and below contributor). The new ratings will be model performance, strong performance, developing performance, and unacceptable performance. These new ratings will be used for both university and classified staff.

University Staff Merit Pay

The Board also approved a merit pay program for university staff only that will allow for differentiation of pay raises based on individual performance. Classified employees will continue to receive the budgeted state pay increase as long as they do not receive an unacceptable performance rating during the performance evaluation process.

Staff to A/P Faculty Conversion

In addition to the resolution regarding university staff, the Board approved a resolution to redefine administrative and professional positions and to allow eligible staff in pay bands 5-7 to convert to administrative and professional (A/P) positions. This resolution is in response to the university’s need to be competitive in recruiting and retaining professionals in highly skilled and high demand jobs.

Human resources is continuing to collaborate with senior managers to identify jobs and employees who are eligible for conversion to A/P status. Once the eligibility identification process is complete, classified employees in identified positions will be notified and given the option to convert to A/P status. University employees in bands 5-7, in jobs which are deemed eligible for conversion to A/P status, will be converted in January 2009.

Enrollment Period

In support of the resolutions, there will be an enrollment period from October 1, 2008—December 31, 2008 for classified staff to convert to university staff and for eligible classified staff in pay bands 5-7 who elect to convert to A/P status. Recognizing the importance of these decisions, Human Resources will continue to provide information sessions before and during the enrollment period.  The sessions will provide more detail on the policy and benefit differences between classified staff and A/P positions.  For more information on the recently approved resolutions regarding human resource restructuring, contact Human Resources at 231-9331 or visit the restructuring website at